Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations regarding signage are set forth in the ACC-Building Packets. The general guidelines are as follows:

Written Approval

The property owner or his/her representative is required to obtain written approval for signage from the ACC prior to placing a sign on improved property.  

Improved Property

Owners of improved property (property with a residence on it) or builders, investors or their authorized agent who have constructed “spec homes” may post one sign on the improved property indicating the property is available for purchase.  The word “Offered By”, “Available From”, “Please Contact”, etc. would be used rather than “For Sale”.  Owners, builders, investors or their authorized agents who are offering an improved property adjoining the golf courses may post one sign in front (street).  Signs should not be visible from the golf course. Under no circumstances and in no event will any sign be approved on the rear of lots adjoining or abutting the golf course.

Unimproved Property

Signs are prohibited on unimproved lots.

Open House Signs

Owners, Builders, and Realtors are allowed to display three “Open House” signs per property as follows: one sign in front of the property and two directional signs along a White Bluff roadway easement of their choice with the following exception.  The directional signs cannot be placed in front of an improved property.  The directional signs can display the address of the open house.  The directional signs must be placed in the easement only one hour before the start of the open house and removed within one hour after the close of the open house.

Open house signs should not appear in any easement between 7 pm and 8 am.  Builders and Realtors are allowed only two open houses at any given time.  Also, a property can only be shown as an open house two days of any given week.  Builders and Realtors agree that no additional property will be marketed during the Open House.  

Request for approval of open house signage should be made through the POA office at least two working days prior to the scheduled open house.  The following information will need to be provided: location, time of open house, date, location of directional signage and period covered.  Assuming compliance with these rules, approval will be given over the phone.   Security will be requested to remove and discard any signs in violation of these provisions and the owner, builder, or realtor will be subject to a fine.

Prohibited Wording

Signs with the words “For Sale” or “Sale” are prohibited.

Size and Quality

Approved signs must be of professional quality and no larger than 36” x 24”  or  18” x 24” in size (this is the normal size of a Realtors sign).

Last updated on April 20, 2018