Lake Activities


Texas Parks & Wildlife has sections on Fishing and Boating with lots of general information.

Boat Ramps

Click here for boat ramps maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Boat Towing

There is currently no commercial towing service on the lake. Be sure to have a working cell phone with you while out on the lake. Keep a phone list of others who could help.

Dial 911 for emergencies.


A good resource for purchasing reasonably priced propellers made by Michigan Wheel is Deep Blue Yacht Supply.


Dick's Canoes, 254-622-8364
Canoes, kayaks for river trips south of the dam

Harbor Rentals, 254-622-5253 or 254-253-0879
Ski boats, pontoon boats, deck boat

Uncle Gus' Marina, 254-622-2276


Mud Daubers and your Outboard Motor

For those with boats in the marina, you may have noticed mud dauber wasps in the area.

Generally harmless enough, these mud nest builders can wreak havoc on your outboard motor by building their nests inside. It is easy for them to get inside the motor, since the outside air inlets usually have no filters and allow direct entry inside your cowling.

Alternator and cam drive belts can be dislodged and internal engine damage done if a wasp builds his nest in amongst the belts and pulleys. Nests in the air inlet tract can allow large chunks of dirt to enter the engine as well.

The solution - purchase and use an engine cover and they will stay out.


White Bluff offers both on-site and off-site storage for boats, trailers, RVs, etc. Contact the White Bluff POA at 254-694-9276.

There are numerous other storage facilities in Whitney and surrounding areas.

Last updated on December 3, 2020