Emergency Services

In case of an emergency, call

Ambulance 911
Fire 911
Sheriff 911

In all other cases, call

White Bluff Security 254-694-4471
Hill County Sheriff 254-582-5313

Help WB VFD to Help You

There are two things you can do after you call 911 to help the WB VFD get to you as quickly as possible. If anyone in the house is able, then

  • Be sure that the front door is unlocked
  • If it is dark, turn an outside light on so the fire department can locate the home quickly. Also, turn on inside lights so they can see where they are going once they enter the house.

These two simple things can make a difference.

Help 911 Help You

Medical emergencies can happen anytime. You may be home alone. Or others in the house with you may not be able to recall your medical history when 911 responders arrive.

Help 911 help you by filling out the NEW WBVFD File of Life Emergency Information form. Print the form two-sided on a single piece of paper. Fill it out in pencil to make it easy to update whenever anything changes.

Make a copy of the form for two reasons. First, keep this in your wallet - it's a good medical summary that can be helpful if you are away from home when an emergency strikes or when seeing a new doctor for the first time. Second, if you get transported to the hospital in case of an emergency the copy on your refrigerator may end up left at the hospital.

Once you've made your copies, then place the original in a red plastic magnetic File of Life holder on the outside of your refrigerator. These are available from the WB VFD - you can email Kathy Corbin or call her at 214-223-4078.

Emergency Evacuations at White Bluff

White Bluff Resort has published an evacuation policy and evacuation map, to be used in case of emergencies such as fire.

In addition to the main exit to FM 933 on White Bluff Drive, the map shows three other exits that can be used if use of the White Bluff Drive exit is impractical.

Hill County "Reverse 911" will be used to notify residents of the emergency. If you are not already receiving these calls for recent warnings such as local thunderstorms, see the previously posted article on how to add your name to this list.

FEMA has information online regarding evacuation plans. The American Red Cross has information on home fire preparation.

For more information on the White Bluff evacuation map and policy, email the POA office or call them at 694-9276 (WBPO).

What Happens When You Call 911 in WB

In case of any medical emergency at White Bluff, you should always call 911.

The White Bluff VFD will be first responders to the scene, typically arriving in just a few minutes.  Some members of the VFD are EMTs, and all members of the VFD receive medical training.

At the same time that your 911 call is forwarded to the WB VFD, the closest available ambulance will be dispatched.   A certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher will continue to get more information from you, even as the ambulance is on its way.

White Bluff is located within Emergency Services District (ESD) #2. The nearest ESD #2 ambulance location is on FM 933 just north of the Whitney City Limits. The ambulance will typically arrive at WB within 5 minutes after you call 911, on its way to your location within WB. This ESD facility also houses a CareFlite Air Ambulance.

Once the ambulance arrives, control of the situation is turned over to the paramedics.  If it is determined that a helicopter transport is needed, one will be called.  Two companies service Hill County. CareFlite's air ambulance is based in Whitney and Air-Evac's is in Hillsboro.

ESD#2 pays for membership in both Air Evac and Care Flite air service for all White Bluff residents. It is not necessary for anyone who lives in White Bluff to join either of these services.

All WB residents are covered by CareFlite anywhere CareFlite operates. Air Evac however limits their coverage to Hill County and any contiguous county. WB residents can purchase annual coverage for $35 per household from Air Evac that will cover them anywhere the AirMedCare Network operates (see their website for a map of Air Evac bases).

For more information on Air Evac, call 800-793-0010 or go to www.lifeteam.net. For more information on Care Flite, call 877-339-2273 or go to www.careflite.org

Reverse 911 Service

An emergency notification system , or a “reverse 911 system” as it is sometimes known, gives local emergency management, public safety, and governmental jurisdictions a chance to inform the public in case of an emergency incident or public threat. This phone and email system is designed to provide emergency messages to you, the public, quickly and effectively should a need arise. Types of events that you may receive messages about are:

  • Natural Disasters; such as fires, floods, severe weather
  • Man-made disasters; bomb threats, hazardous material incidents, terrorism threats
  • Evacuation notices and criminal threats
  • Public health threats such as, boil water notices, health alerts

With the spring storm season approaching soon, if you have not signed up for this free service, go to the Hill County Emergency Management website to do so.

Last updated on December 3, 2020