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To have your business listed in the Services section of this website, you must first have three of your clients who are property owners in White Bluff recommend your business by either filling out the Services Recommendation Form or sending email to  

Once that has happened, you should complete the form below.  Your business will be listed in the appropriate section of this website for a cost of $60 per year, billable after this form is submitted.  

In addition, if you would like to have your own separate full page on this website dedicated just to your business, then check the box below and we will contact you to discuss this.   Costs for these types of web pages vary depending on their complexity, but most pages can be done for a one-time design fee of $125, plus an annual fee of $75 to have the page posted on this website.

Check this box if you would like us to contact you regarding having your own full page business web page on this site, or your own full website
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Last updated on December 3, 2020