Toni Wengler

Colored Pencil - Pastel - Watercolor - Acrylic - Mixed Media

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Featured Paintings

  We are not Alone by Toni Wengler
We are not Alone
Colored Pencil
23" x 27"
First Place Winner in 2015 DAR National American Heritage Art Contest
  The Long Wait by Toni Wengler
The Long Wait
Colored Pencil
26" x 31"
First Place Winner in 2014 DAR National American Heritage Art Contest

  Rockin' Sisters by Toni Wengler
Rockin' Sisters
Colored Pencil
22" x 27"

Mountain Man

A Girl and Her Horse
Colored Pencil
My New Friend Peep
Colored Pencil

  "Hawaiian Banana Tree" by Toni Wengler
Hawaiian Banana Tree
Colored Pencil
11" x 14"
  "Hawaiian Waterfall" by Toni Wengler
Hawaiian Waterfall
11" x 14"
Framed 24" x 30"

  "Live in the State of Love" by Toni Wengler
Live in the State of Love
21.5" x 14.5"
  "The Wind will Blow" by Toni Wengler
The Wind will Blow
30" x 21"

  "Path of Life" by Toni Wengler
Path of Life
28" x 36"
  "Pacific Waves" by Toni Wengler
Pacific Waves
29" x 22"

  "The Path to Glory" by Toni Wengler
The Path to Glory
19.5" x 15.5"
Framed 27" x 23"
  "Butterfly" by Toni Wengler
Colored pencil
14" x 11"

  "Cowboy Landscape" by Toni Wengler
Cowboy Landscape
27.5" x 20.25"
A Majestic View
Mixed Media
72" x 48"

More Paintings

Abstract  Animals  Flowers  Landscape  People  Still Life

About the Artist

"My Heart and Soul in Every Painting"

Toni Wengler

Toni Wengler describes her art as an interpretation of what she sees in nature and in travels. She loves to tell a story with her paintings, and has an eye for color and detail.

During her travels around the world, she uses her camera to capture places and events, creating a sketchbook of ideas from which she creates original paintings, using pastels, acrylics, and colored pencils. She paints that which gives life special meaning to her, in the hope that others will feel touched by the beauty of what she sees. Helen Keller said, ''The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.'' This is what she hopes to achieve with her art.

Toni's friend, Doris Barks, a portrait artist, when referring to her work, said, ''You have an eye for detail, intuitive use of line and design in your composition, as well as gorgeous color, which gives great clarity to your highly individualistic and refreshing artwork. Your art would be a lovely addition in any décor – office or home.''

Toni was born in McAllen, Texas, grew up in Houston, and spent most of her adult life in Dallas. She is married to her husband, Ken, and they have two children and four grand-children, ages 1, 4, 12 and 15. Ken's work enabled the family to live in both England and Australia, for a period of time.

Contact Toni

Toni's studio is located in Dallas, Texas. For an appointment to see any of her works, or for more information, email Toni Wengler or call her at 214-585-2065.

To signup for Toni's mailing list, email Toni Wengler here.

Galleries, Shows & Awards


2016 Silver Street Fine Art Gallery, Lake City, Colorado

ART SHOW EXHIBITS and Featured Artist Exhibits

2015 DAR Museum, Washington, D.C. National First Place Winner "We are not Alone"
2015 Richardson Heights Rec Center one woman show, November
2014 DAR Museum, Washington, D.C. National First Place winner "The Long Wait"
2013 Royal Lane Baptist Church, Featured Artist
2013 Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church, Featured Artist
2013 Artist Showplace Gallery, Featured Artist
2012 Marshall-McPhail Gallery One Woman Show Oct-Dec.
2012 City of Keller One Woman Show "Artistic Expressions" Month of April


2016 DAR Women in the Arts National Award
2016 CP Hidden Treasures, Volume 3 Publication ("Pronghorns, the fastest mammal in N. America")
2015 RCAS, FBCAA, PSSW winner
for pastel painting "Hawaiian Waterfall"
2015 DAR first place National winner for "We are not Alone'' represented in DAR Museum Washington, D.C. during Continental Congress
2014 DAR first place National winner for "The Long Wait'' represented in DAR Museum Washington, D.C. during Continental Congress
2013 RCAS Membership Show; "Chickens in the Barnyard" 1st place; "Mosquito Flats"
2013 RCAS 50+ show "Cana Lilies", colored pencil
2012 RCAS Membership Show "Angus Cows at JR Ranch" second place
2011 CPSA Regional Art Show, Oklahoma City, Ok. First Place "The Long Wait"
2011 CPSA National Art Show Signature Member Award / "We are not Alone!"


2016-17 FBCAA Vice President; Pastel Society Marketing Dir.
2014-16 FBCAA Workshop Chair; Pastel Society Board member; RCAS Critique Corner chair
2013 RCAS Board Representative Pastel Art Society Board Representative
2010-2012 FBCAA Workshop Chairperson and Special Workshops Chairperson
2010-2016 FBCAA Program Chairperson and Workshop Chairperson
2009 Bosque Art Club Youth Show, Juror

More Paintings


City Lights
Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 36"
Beauty in Bloom
Acrylic on Board
43" x 31"


  Cornered at JG Ranch Roundup by Toni Wengler
Cornered at JG Ranch Roundup
Colored Pencil
21" x 25"
Painting accepted in RCAS
Regional Art Show
Eisemann Center, Richardson, TX,
May 1 - May 27, 2014
  Fort Graham, Whitney, TX  by Toni Wengler
Hungry Little Tyke
Colored Pencil
19.5" x 25"

Chickens in the Barnyard

Strutting His Glory
27" x 24"
  "Pronghorns, the Fastest Mammal in North America" by Toni Wengler
Pronghorns, the Fastest Mammal
in North America
Colored pencil
22" x 16"
Framed 28.5" x 22.5"

JG Ranch Landscape with Angus Cows
29" x 19"
Angus Cows at JG Ranch
29" x 19"


Crystal Bowl
16" x 11"
  Purple Iris by Toni Wengler
Purple Iris
37" x 37"

Pro tee ahh
Colored Pencil
27" x 24"
24" x 20"

Island Lilies
Colored Pencil
12" x 16.9"
Roses Wrapped in Ribbons

Pond Lily
Colored Pencil
30" x 24"
Hawaiian Bells
23" x 19"

Anniversary Roses
Colored Pencil
22" x 27"
Bloom'in Texas Cactus
Colored Pencil
17" x 25"

  Cana Lilies  by Toni Wengler
Cana Lilies
Colored Pencil
24" x 30"
  "Easter Cactus" by Toni Wengler
Easter Cactus
Colored pencil
11" x 14"


Texas Sunset 4
Colored Pencil
Giclees Available
Springtime in the Country
25" x 19"

Montana Landscape
31" x 21"
Mountain Stream
12" x 19"


Magic Moments
Colored Pencil
27" x 22"

  "Oriental Lady 2" by Toni Wengler
Oriental Lady 2
16" x 20"
  "Oriental Lady 1" by Toni Wengler
Oriental Lady 1
16" x 20"

Still Life

  Pumpkin Harvest by Toni Wengler
Pumpkin Harvest
Colored Pencil
27" x 21"
  "Onions" by Toni Wengler
10.5" x 13"
Framed 23" x 27"
  "Offering from the Heartland" by Toni Wengler
Offering from the Heartland
Colored pencil
11" x 14"

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